Monthly or annual plan.

Choose a rental period that suits your needs.

What’s included?







Penny lets you focus
solely on the pleasure
of moped riding!


How do I charge my mopeds
Every moped comes with removable battery and charger which can be plugged in standard power outlet. So you can charge it at home. It takes 6 hours to fully charge the battery.
How does it work?
Contact penny to determine the subscription details and we will provide you with contract. After getting it signed you will get your moped delivered.
How can I cancel my subscription?
Provide penny with signed contract termination document and our team member will inform you about the next steps.
What if something breaks in a moped?
If something in the moped doesn’t work contact our team via [email protected] email and we will replace it. The costs on your side will depend on the insurance option you’ve chosen and the extent of the damage.
What if my moped gets stolen?
In that case please contact us via email [email protected] and our team will contact you for more details.