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penny allows you to easily locate, book and rent a moped.

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Getting started

Getting around the city can be very easy. Rent an electric moped and don’t worry about standing in
traffic jams or long search for a parking space. Forget about insurance and servicing the vehicle, we will take care of everything so that you can enjoy stress-free driving.

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Penny is a new company, we are offering services for people who enjoy carefree and eco-friendly solutions. We strive to
provide comfortable and most importantly sustainable transport reducing the carbon footprint.

Pricing plans



  • you can ride penny from 0.29 + 1 to unlock


24h – 35
48h – 68

  • or you can try our passes
    120 min/240 min

For Business

Vehicle sharing is an innovative and quickly growing business. Create the future of urban transport with us.
Become a penny franchisee and be a part of the rapidly growing market for sustainable and affordable transportation options.

Operating software

You will get the access to the dashboard that collects the data you need to manage the platform

Branded e-mopeds

Franchisees are provided with branded e-mopeds


Contact us


Ammochostou 5, Thessaloniki


How to use the e-mopeds?
– Locate the nearest moped on the map and book it for free. You have 10 free minutes to do it.
How can I contact penny?
Your feedback is very important! You can fill out the form and send it to us. We will review and and reply as soon as possible.
Do I need a driver’s license?
You can use penny mopeds with a driver’s license for a car (B) or for a motorbike (A).
Can I park my moped everywhere?
You can park penny moped everywhere within the service area where it is legal to do so and it has to be on the public road. It is not allowed to park in the private parking areas.
Is it safe to ride a moped without experience?
Yes, riding is quite easy. As long as you have driver’s license you shouldn’t have any problems.